Offer Page: Deep Stone Crypt Raid (prod/opt)

Deep Stone Crypt raid is one of the most challenging activities in the game, so you'll have to prepare for it really well. Moreover, you will also have to find a decent raid group if you want to beat the raid without any problems. Here at Sherpa, we will help you find pro players who can be trusted with such an important task, regardless of your goal or level. With our service, you will finally start enjoying the game properly.

Right after you fill in the order details, our specialists will start looking for the best player who will be suitable for your order. We will create a private chat for both of you, where you can discuss order-related questions and details. And in case there is an issue with the order or any other question left, our 24/7 support team will make sure that the solution is on its way to you.

The player working on your order is a real pro in the world of Destiny 2. All our professional players are seasoned veterans who've spent many hours in PvE activities. Your order will be completed in 1-2 hours after it's been assigned to the pro player.

To get the best deal, purchase x2 and x3 packages because the price per raid lowers when you choose different packages.

Keep in mind that Deep Stone Crypt does not include Pinnacle Rewards anymore, but you will still receive powerful rewards for each completed encounter.