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What Are Destiny 2 Raids?
Raids in Destiny 2 provide players with the ultimate PvE challenge to test their mastery and teamwork to the max. Due to the notorious vaulting system introduced back in the Beyond Light days, a lot of content was retired, including raids, but now, with Destiny 2 new raids, we have a total of 4 instances to run and grind. Here they are:

  • Garden of Salvation raid
  • Last Wish raid
  • Vault of Glass raid
  • Deep Stone Crypt raid

Each one is a collection of tricky mechanics and intense boss fights, but your efforts as a team will be richly rewarded. Here are the items and achievements tried to the currently available raids:

  • Succession SR, Trustee scout rifle, Posterity HC, Bequest sword, Heritage shotty, Eyes of Tomorrow RL, Commemoration MG, Deep Stone Crypt armor, exotic sparrow and ghost shell from the Deep Stone Crypt raid;

  • Deep Stone Crypt Seal: the Descendant title, all the seal triumphs completed, all the raid drops, and a collection badge obtained;

  • Fatebringer HC, Vision of Confluence scout, Found Verdict shotgun, Praedyth's Revenge SR, Corrective Measure MG, Hezen Vengeance RL, Kabr, Prime Zealot, and Hezen Lords armor sets from the Destiny 2 Vault of Glass raid;

  • Vault of Glass Seal: the Fatebreaker title, all the seal triumphs completed, all the raid drops, and a collection badge obtained;

  • Divinity Exotic trace rifle, Ancient Gospel HC, Sacred Provenance pulse rifle, Reckless Oracle AR, Accrued Redemption bow, Prophet of Doom shotgun, Zealot's Reward fusion, Omniscient Eye SR, and raid armor from the Garden of Salvation raid;

  • One Thousand Voices fusion rifle, Chattering Bone pulse rifle, Transfiguration scout, The Supremacy SR, and Great Hunt armor pieces from the Last Wish raid.
What Are the Requirements for Our Destiny 2 Raid Boost?
As co-op content, raids are inaccessible without a team, but apart from that, they also require a particular power level:

  • 1320+ PL for Vault of Glass
  • 1240+ PL for Deep Stone Crypt
  • 1100+ PL for Garden of Salvation
  • 1050+ PL for Last Wish

If you're low on PL and don't want to grind all the way up to the cap, our Destiny 2 boost can get you right where you need to be. Just add it to your raid order, and we'll level your character up in no time!
What Choose Our Destiny 2 Carry Service?
Destiny 2 Sherpa offers a wide variety of raid services, from a simple Vault of Glass Raid boost to more complicated tasks like a Deep Stone Crypt Flawless run or Master Vault of Glass raid run. You're also free to order a raid boost for one, two, or all three of your Guardians, and every time you get boosted by Destiny 2 Sherpa, you get:

  • high-quality and 100% safe service
  • timely delivery
  • 24/7 customer support
  • custom schedule and discounts
  • a professional Destiny 2 booster or a team of boosters assigned to your order

So, what's it gonna be? Deep Stone Crypt raid for 3 guardians, a Flawless run, or a four-raid bundle for more rewards? No matter what you choose, will always deliver your order in a timely and most efficient manner. Feel free to message us and get your boost right now!