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What Is a Destiny 2 Carry Service and Quests Boost?
Boosting services are often used as a tool for players to enjoy the game without limits. These services assist players with all kinds of challenges and activities for them to gain access to unique in-game content without wasting too much time and effort on grinding and farming. Here is a list of Destiny 2 activities and quests you can complete with boosting services:

  • Presage Mission
  • Nightfalls
  • Trials
  • Prophecy Dungeon
  • Master Empire Hunt
  • Lost Sector well as many others.
What Are the Destiny 2 Powerleveling Requirements for In-Game Activities?
No matter if you are working on a Destiny 2 dungeon, quest, some PvP/PvE activity, or just exploring the in-game world: either way, you will always have to keep your level in mind since most activities require you to reach certain levels prior to playing them:

  • Destiny 2 Lost Sector: 1250+ PL
  • Destiny 2 Prophecy Dungeon: 1240+ PL
  • D2 Nightfalls: 1220+ PL (minimum)
  • D2 VoG raid: 1320+ PL
  • D2 Trials: 1260+ PL (1310 if you want Flawless)

Instead of stressing over every activity that requires you to reach a certain level, you can now rely on our leveling service to take care of all the requirements while you use your chance to relax and take a break. We've got your back!
How to Beat Activities Such As the Prophecy Dungeon Without Wiping?
Apart from the fact that you need to reach a certain PL, there are more conditions that players must meet if they hope to complete such instances as Last Wish raid or Daily Legend Lost Sector:

  1. You gotta have a solid build. That's a combination of gear, weapons, and a particular combination of abilities for your class.
  2. Most of these activities are designed to be completed in a group. So, you need a good team of friends. Otherwise, if you play with randoms things like Divinity Exotic Trace Rifle will be near impossible to get.
  3. In order to get your hands on Lost Sector Exotics, you must have knowledge of how to overcome its challenges in the most efficient way. That takes a lot of practice and time!

If only you didn't have to worry about all of these things and just focus on the fun aspect, not having to go over the same thing dozens of times over to get that much-desired Uzume RR4 God Roll… There's actually something that can do all of that leaving you with more free time and a much greater gaming experience.
What Are the Benefits of Our Destiny 2 Boosting Service?
Why do so many players use services like Harbinger Mission to get done with the help of our pros? There are tons of reasons for that, but let's take a look at the most important ones. Here is what you'll get to do after working with our services:

  • Save a lot of time and energy
  • Get any item in the game in short terms
  • Add tons of new pieces to your gear collection
  • Unlock guns suitable for your playstyle
  • Level up your Guardian to the desired level

So, let's agree that D2 services can be helpful. But can you trust the Prophecy Dungeon carry service like Sherpa with such an important task? The answer is "Yes" since we did our best to make sure our service is trustworthy. Here is what we've got to offer:

  • Reliable experts
  • Quick delivery
  • Safe payments
  • Secure and user-friendly website
  • Affordable rates
  • Guaranteed results
  • Around-the-clock support

To start working with our Destiny 2 booster, find out how to do the Prophecy Dungeon, or get another exotic piece, just message us here at and fill in all the necessary order details. We'll contact you right back, and soon, you'll get all the best loot from Destiny 2 exotic quests 2021!